Who am I?

Welp. Looks like I may be spending more time with you folks. Back in March I left my job in dog walking to start my own pet care company, and, well, it’s going slowly. So, of course, instead of doing the logical thing and knuckling down to work, I’m finding myself spending hours and hours distracted and focusing on projects that are not my own.

I’ve managed to get a lot of organizing and tidying done at home, I’ve been able to organize projects into doable steps to focus myself and get back on target, I went to amusement parks, provincial parks, and, farmers markets, Bonnaroo music and arts festival, camping road trip, and, adopted a dog. It’s been a really, really, FUNemployment time, but it’s time to get back to work.

So, since I have time, I figured I’d try to get back into the discipline of writing and doing something productive for myself every day (and somehow binge-watching Gilmore Girls, Star Trek, and, Firefly doesn’t count as disciplined to some people! sigh…jk). So, I’m gonna attempt this again. I was never really good at keeping a diary, or taking medications, or brushing my teeth regularly, schedules just aren’t my thing, but I’m gonna do the best I can… man that sounds desperate and pathetic, eh? Time to change my tune…

If you live in Toronto, or will be visiting and needing temporary pet care, please think of me? Furry Kids Toronto ❤

Also, if you have any ideas of what the hell I should do with my life next, please feel free to email me:


The Return of Arrested Development

I will not to reveal any spoilers!
Like many, I have been waiting the last 7 years for the universe to gift us the return of Arrested Development. Back in 2006, the show was cancelled due to many factors, including its quick paced, spit-fire deliveries of complex layered jokes. You see, back in 2006, the digital age was not what it is today, and, repetition being the best way to watch Arrested Development, technology and bandwidth limits made it impossible for viewers to catch the complexities that made the show what it was. Now with digital recorders being commonplace, and Netflix available on any device you can stare at, Arrested Development has finally come into its time! No longer a slave to the luddite watching habits of the past! It’s back to make us laugh, yell “wait a minute” and rewind, and get our “inside jokes” back in full swing.
The problem? Only a limited number of episodes and SO MUCH DESIRE TO WATCH THEM ALL. . . It truly is, the FINAL countdown.