I felt I should use my first every day funny to share a not-so-funny, but really close to my heart, comic.

Feminism is good for everyone, not just women, and the sooner we act kinder to one another, and don’t allow misogynistic insults and language to go unchecked around us, the sooner we can stop focusing on our differences and collaborate on our similarities.

❤ is stronger than hate

Artist: RASENTH 
From the Huffington Post article by Nina Bahadur: LINK TO ARTICLE


Feminism for Everyone



Do you have a YouTube account? Do you, like me, since the merger of YouTube and Google, have MULTIPLE YouTube accounts? I got stuck in the tech-loop (since receiving my iPhone almost three years ago) and now I don’t even remember what videos and playlists I’ve saved to which account. Or, at least, I didn’t until very early this morning when I searched though my old accounts finding AWESOME GEM after GEM. Below are a series of three videos by an artist named Liam Kyle Sullivan, under his female character KELLY. Best internet sensation character to date. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE AND THEMES NSFW (no nudity)

These are in the order I like them, from bronze medal to gold.

BRONZE MEDAL – Let Me Borrow That Top:

“….with something hard and sandpapery!”


“Let’s Party”

OMG GOLD MEDAL – Text Message Breakup:

“I’m going to send that guy a douche-bag in the mail”