ELEGY: A Doompunk LARP – June RUMORS:

ELEGY: A Doompunk LARP: June 2013 RUMORSImage

Did you hear? That Kinfolk zooface Lexi is DEAD! She got infected with that mutant plague and it ate her from the inside until her brains foamed out her mouth!”

“The whole Melter College can rot in hell. Those ungrateful rebels burnt down the refinery in Ironside and half the worker’s dormitories with it. People died god damn it. CHILDREN died, just so these bastards could say they stuck it to the board. I’m saving a bullet just in case I run into one of those god damn murderers.”

“Pa has an old pair of looking lenses that he likes to use to peek at the Talon girls while they bathe in the lake. Said he saw the damndest thing: Talon were DIGGING something up out of the ground on that island of theirs. Didn’t think Wilder knew how to mine.” 

“I heard those Annulus Magos lost someone, a young lass. Real pretty too and with a good track record, if you know what I mean. Didn’t they open up their home to the folk from the Bartertown? I wonder if they had anything to do with it…”

“That’s not what happened! Lexi got kidnapped by the Penitents and sacrificed! They killed her and gave her soul to their crazy calamity god! I told you the Penitents are all mad. No body carries around that much guilt without going nuts.”

“Huh… something’s been chewing on the power cables.”

“The Syisipheans family of Magos lost an entire season’s harvest. One day they were laying down manure, the next their crops are practically crawling out of the ground, twisted and churning with mutation.”

“It had wings… wings and big red eyes. Tore the gun right out of my hand.”

“Lexi is fine! She’s just sleeping! Everything is fine! She’s just resting at a farm with lots of other kinfolk and room to run around! Everything is under control!”

“Lot a people been asking questions about Thoughtbenders recently. I wonder if one of these Scraplander crews is planning a hunting spree. It’s hell to get them back to Steeltown but from what I hear they offer a hefty sum for ‘em alive. Say… your sister has always been a bit touched… y’think…. Y’think she might be worth anything?”

“Cackling. Laughing. They stood and spat bullets that broke bones and burst hearts and pushed them down into the mud they were trying to crawl out of. Cackling. Laughing. They sawed her open and dug around inside, trying to find a reason to be merciful. Cackling. Laughing. They slap him on the back and don’t know that he’s already ours. Cackling. Laughing. They think no one hears their wonderful jokes. Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha. It is to laugh.”


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