FUN FACT FRIDAY (once again on Saturday – sorry!)

YAY WEEKEND! I know that, once again, I’m posting this late 😡 and it pisses me off more than anyone else, I promise. I’ve never ever been good at deadlines.
*writes in imaginary notebook “Task 102: MUST WORK ON DEADLINES”*


Did You Know:

If any of you have taken certain levels of biology (or seen the awesome episode of The Simpsons “Weekend At Burnsies”) you know that groups of animals have official group names. For example, the image above stating a PARLIAMENT of owls, and in the aforementioned episode Homer Simpson gets his eyes pecked out by a MURDER of crows. There are some funny names for groups of animals:
(credit to podcast Good Job Brain for tipping me on to this!)

a DESCENT of woodpeckers
a BOUQUET of pheasants
a CAST of falcons
a WAKE of buzzards
a WISDOM of wombats
a CONVOCATION of eagles
an INTRUSION of cockroaches (yup)
a BASK of crocodiles (on land) or a FLOAT of crocodiles (on water)
a MISCHIEF of mice
a RHUMBA of rattlesnakes

Oh and there are so many more out there! Who knows what’s going to come up in pub trivia!



This is for you math students out there! I am slowly teaching myself math online, and freaking Trigonometry, man. Sucks. Hopefully this will be as useful to you as it has been for me (so far).
Two Old Angels Skipped Over Heaven Carrying Ancient Harps”

Used in math to remember the equations for Tangent, Sine, and Cosine.
O stands for opposite, A stands for adjacent, and H stands for hypotenuse.
Tangent = Opposite/Adjacent; (Two Old Angels)
Sine = Opposite/Hypotenuse; (Skipped Over Heaven)
Cosine = Adjacent/Hypotenuse. (carrying Ancient Harps)

This Day In History:

1859 – The clock tower at the Houses of Parliament (Big Ben and his bells), starts keeping time.
1911 – The RMS Titanic is launched in Belfast, IE.
1927 – The last Ford Model T rolls off the assembly line (number: 15,007,003).
1929 – The first Mickey Mouse “talkie” is released titled “The Karnival Kid” (below)
1998 – Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, leaves The Spice Girls band.


be47c511-e41f-42a5-8694-58948bdb24b3_300_JadenSmith1_052913Apparently Jaden Smith is not afraid to let his geek flag fly! This past week he was spotted shopping at Gelson’s Market in Los Angeles in FULL IRON MAN COSTUME! ❤ What’s even better (or, at least, kinda tongue-in-cheek-funny)? He was shopping with Kylie Jenner (of the Kardashian family) – I wonder if she was impressed or pissed off at his shopping attire – I know I’d be impressed!





Thanks for stopping by lovelies! ❤


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