GEEKING OUT on: Autism

So this whole blogging thing came out of me trying to get my on-again-off-again ex to thrust himself into the videogame business by spending a year blogging and learning more about the industry. Since then, he has not been able to get a computer, and I got into the habit of sitting down to share stories, so here I am. One of the segments on his blog was going to be a podcast called THE GEEK OUT that would be short segments geeking out on various topics, and today, I am ripping off the name and starting a tab on GEEKING OUT. It will feature me going off on a rant about something I’m passionate about, feel strongly about, or are completely terrified of.

This week, my topic is Autism, and today I am profiling this story broadcast on CBC’s The Current today (May 30 2013) about a boy named Jake and his mom.

This was broadcast today, and totally blew my mind. Really and truly blew my mind. I have worked with kids with autism, have friends who are raising kids with autism, and personal support workers who work every day with kids with autism, and have never heard anything like this. Obviously autism is a spectrum, and not all will have the same potential as Jake does, but this story is a beautiful reminder to follow your gut, make learning play, and advocate for your kids and what is natural to them.

Specific areas of note: Jake talks about where he was during his “non verbal” phase, why shadows and lights and patterns are fascinating to him, and how when he entered university at age eleven he finally felt like he could be a social person and communicate with people on his level (alluding to, I think, that his non-verbal time was partly because no one in his peer group was saying anything interesting to him).

Here is his TED teen talk:

Fascinating stuff. Would love to hear your thoughts / have a discussion about this.


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