Now that I have your attention 😉 I am a fan of all things Star Wars, and, that being said, I also am a fan of continuity mistakes and inconsistencies that make watching Star Wars that much more fun. While searching for a book recommended to me (from the Star TREK franchise – The Nitpickers Guide To Star Trek TNG), I stumbled across this website that itemizes and categorizes all the “mistakes” in Star Wars (and many other movies!!!!). One day I will have the time to transcribe these all into one blog posting, but, for now, here are some of my favourites (and the link so you can check them out yourself!).

Continuity: The first interior shot of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit shows small hanging dice. In every other shot, however, the dice are gone.”

Revealing: In the Death Star corridor leading to the Millennium Falcon, just before Han says “Didn’t we just leave this party?” you can see Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammill’s shadows on the wall as they await their cue to run in.”

Continuity: When Obi-wan and Luke are watching the hologram of Princess Leia projected onto a small table, the objects on the table change position and number in each shot.”

Visible Crew: When the Falcon is in the Death Star hangar, a scanning crew is sent aboard to find passengers, one of the stormtroopers walks straight past the camera and its shadow is visible on his leg.”


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