Do you have a YouTube account? Do you, like me, since the merger of YouTube and Google, have MULTIPLE YouTube accounts? I got stuck in the tech-loop (since receiving my iPhone almost three years ago) and now I don’t even remember what videos and playlists I’ve saved to which account. Or, at least, I didn’t until very early this morning when I searched though my old accounts finding AWESOME GEM after GEM. Below are a series of three videos by an artist named Liam Kyle Sullivan, under his female character KELLY. Best internet sensation character to date. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE AND THEMES NSFW (no nudity)

These are in the order I like them, from bronze medal to gold.

BRONZE MEDAL – Let Me Borrow That Top:

“….with something hard and sandpapery!”


“Let’s Party”

OMG GOLD MEDAL – Text Message Breakup:

“I’m going to send that guy a douche-bag in the mail”


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