Pub Trivia

So, quite accidentally (okay, kind of stalking-gone-normal) I ended up at a very organized Pub Trivia night hosted by Fionn McCools on Yonge Street (just south of Daivsville) with my very good friend, kind of girl crush, Josee*. Although I’m sure we came in last, we actually scored pretty well on all categories, earning at least 50% of available points in each round. The host was not entirely on the ball either, making for entertaining drunken heckling! So find out more info on Pub Stumpers here:, or come out to Fionn McCools on Tuesday nights at 7:30 to join in the fun of Toronto Geek Girl’s pub trivia night! Team? Both Legs Up (play on words of my workplace A Leg Up).

A little too much red wine is telling me I should end this blog now. More tomorrow lovelies. Thanks for stopping by

*names changed to protect identity


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