Jurassic Park in the park!

Ok kiddies, I’m a fan of randomness, and this couldn’t be more random. While hanging with my good friend from work, she looked at her phone, said “Jurassic Park is playing at Trinity Bellwoods at dark” and without further discussion we were on our way. We’re here now, it’s awesome. Only in Toronto could you have a bunch of thirty-something’s congregate in a park with open alcohol and watch a classic movie like Jurassic park.

This also made me think of this: we’re going to be watching Jurassic park IN A FREAKING PARK! Amazeaballs.



GEEKING OUT on: Autism

So this whole blogging thing came out of me trying to get my on-again-off-again ex to thrust himself into the videogame business by spending a year blogging and learning more about the industry. Since then, he has not been able to get a computer, and I got into the habit of sitting down to share stories, so here I am. One of the segments on his blog was going to be a podcast called THE GEEK OUT that would be short segments geeking out on various topics, and today, I am ripping off the name and starting a tab on GEEKING OUT. It will feature me going off on a rant about something I’m passionate about, feel strongly about, or are completely terrified of.

This week, my topic is Autism, and today I am profiling this story broadcast on CBC’s The Current today (May 30 2013) about a boy named Jake and his mom.


This was broadcast today, and totally blew my mind. Really and truly blew my mind. I have worked with kids with autism, have friends who are raising kids with autism, and personal support workers who work every day with kids with autism, and have never heard anything like this. Obviously autism is a spectrum, and not all will have the same potential as Jake does, but this story is a beautiful reminder to follow your gut, make learning play, and advocate for your kids and what is natural to them.

Specific areas of note: Jake talks about where he was during his “non verbal” phase, why shadows and lights and patterns are fascinating to him, and how when he entered university at age eleven he finally felt like he could be a social person and communicate with people on his level (alluding to, I think, that his non-verbal time was partly because no one in his peer group was saying anything interesting to him).

Here is his TED teen talk:

Fascinating stuff. Would love to hear your thoughts / have a discussion about this.


Running hella late this morning sweeties, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Came across this link on facebook and laughed so hard I cried. Way to go to ALL of the parents out there using their creativity to bring up their kids.





Now that I have your attention 😉 I am a fan of all things Star Wars, and, that being said, I also am a fan of continuity mistakes and inconsistencies that make watching Star Wars that much more fun. While searching for a book recommended to me (from the Star TREK franchise – The Nitpickers Guide To Star Trek TNG), I stumbled across this website that itemizes and categorizes all the “mistakes” in Star Wars (and many other movies!!!!). One day I will have the time to transcribe these all into one blog posting, but, for now, here are some of my favourites (and the link so you can check them out yourself!).

Continuity: The first interior shot of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit shows small hanging dice. In every other shot, however, the dice are gone.”

Revealing: In the Death Star corridor leading to the Millennium Falcon, just before Han says “Didn’t we just leave this party?” you can see Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammill’s shadows on the wall as they await their cue to run in.”

Continuity: When Obi-wan and Luke are watching the hologram of Princess Leia projected onto a small table, the objects on the table change position and number in each shot.”

Visible Crew: When the Falcon is in the Death Star hangar, a scanning crew is sent aboard to find passengers, one of the stormtroopers walks straight past the camera and its shadow is visible on his leg.”



Paola Antonelli on acquiring video games for MoMA


I was totally and completely enthralled when MOMA decided to do a professionally curated show about video games. Paola Antonelli was responsible for choosing the 14 games to be part of the permanent collection at MOMA, and this is a great piece about her experience whittling down the contestants.

If you haven’t heard about this show – look it up asap and check it out – amazing, even if you’re not into video games. Explores the art, culture, playability, programming and likability on a sophisticated in-depth level.


TED Blog

Paola Antonelli is senior curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But despite her nearly 20-year tenure at the museum, Antonelli remains resolutely disinterested in relying on the known or the obviously popular. She is always keen to challenge preconceptions of design’s role in everyday life,[ted_talkteaser id=1752] even as she pushes her colleagues at the museum to consider and question design’s relationship to art.

As she explains in today’s TED Talk, her decision to acquire 14 video games for MoMA’s permanent collection caused howls of outrage to echo through the museum’s hallowed halls, as aggrieved critics tore out their hair at the disrespect implicitly being shown to artistic heroes such as Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. But design is quite separate from art, Antonelli argues, and they should not be mistaken for one another. Too often, people seem to assume that…

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The Return of Arrested Development

I will not to reveal any spoilers!
Like many, I have been waiting the last 7 years for the universe to gift us the return of Arrested Development. Back in 2006, the show was cancelled due to many factors, including its quick paced, spit-fire deliveries of complex layered jokes. You see, back in 2006, the digital age was not what it is today, and, repetition being the best way to watch Arrested Development, technology and bandwidth limits made it impossible for viewers to catch the complexities that made the show what it was. Now with digital recorders being commonplace, and Netflix available on any device you can stare at, Arrested Development has finally come into its time! No longer a slave to the luddite watching habits of the past! It’s back to make us laugh, yell “wait a minute” and rewind, and get our “inside jokes” back in full swing.
The problem? Only a limited number of episodes and SO MUCH DESIRE TO WATCH THEM ALL. . . It truly is, the FINAL countdown.