What I wrote for my ex’s blog: Den Of Lethargy

Den Of Lethargy

After a long forced vacation from the laptop I am finally able to continue filling you in on my LARPing adventures! The first MOD day is coming up for the ELEGY: A Doompunk LARP, and after much deliberation I finally submitted my character LOG last night at 8:00 p.m..

When creating a character for a LARP, on top of obvious things like creating a name and picking a game-relevant culture, you have a set number of experience points (or XP) that you can use to choose your skills, and other game-related character development tools – for ELEGY this means mutations. At the start of ELEGY you are given 24XP plus one Resource (worth 3XP). The options were as follows:


I ended up using my 24 XP as follows (please excuse formatting – I dislike wordpress):

6 XP: Wretch – The Wretch is one of the most unsettling Mutants found among the…

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